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Festive family fun at Theatre Severn
22 Dec 2018
by Rhea Alton

Every year Theatre Severn gives us so many opportunities to get the family together and mark Christmas with a show!

And as well as the hugely popular annual pantomime (you can already buy tickets for next year’s Aladdin!!) we also get a smaller scale Christmas-themed production in the Walker Theatre – which in 2018 was Santa’s Elves and the Shoemaker.

As a family with two young children this smaller production is a firm date in our calendar. We were blown away in 2017 with Santa’s New Sleigh and we were extremely excited about sitting down the weekend before Christmas and spending some time with the elves and the shoemaker – and they did not disappoint.

With only three days left before Christmas, Mr.Klopp, the penniless shoemaker, has only enough leather left to make one pair of shoes. He sets the leather aside to be completed the next morning.

That night two of Santa’s elves appear, thinking they’ve arrived at Santa’s grotto, and make the leather into a splendid pair of shoes.

Mr Klopp is able to sell the shoes at huge profit, gives away most of the money and uses the remainder to buy twice as much leather.

That night, Bip and Bop, return and once more and make two pairs of even more splendid shoes, so on the third night Mr Klopp stays awake to see what happens and a special guest arrives to help unravel the mystery!

The script, songs and choreography are designed to ensure that the children are hooked every step of the way and the show features plenty of audience participation to keep the young members of the audience entertained throughout.

And to make it even more special, every single child gets the chance to meet, and get a gift and a photograph with, Santa at the end of the show!

Especially suited to families with younger children (written by CBBC TV writer and children’s author Ian Billings it is recommended as idea for age two and up) it is a great afternoon of fun, laughter and family time!

For more details on future festive productions and other entertainment for families and children keep an eye on the Theatre Severn website.