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Team J&PR's February highlights
02 Mar 2023
by Team J&PR

Okay, we say all the months seem to go quickly but February was actually really quick - because it’s a 28-day month. Nonetheless, just as much has happened at J&PR, it has been jam-packed!

Our team wellbeing day

The team enjoyed an away day this month at Love2Stay with Laura Butler from WellBe Coaching. Tony’s highlight of it all was the cold water swim at 6°C. He certainly impressed the rest of the team - he also complained the least!

Needless to say, the day was almost everyone’s professional highlight!

Freya R was really impressed with the lunches we put together with all the superfoods available.
Sophie particularly enjoyed the cold water swimming (which was to be expected).
Dani found it lovely to reconnect with people, discuss important topics, and make sure the team is all taking care of themselves and each other. 
The wellbeing day was Rhea’s highlight because it made such a difference to her to step away from work, do things out of her comfort zone and spend some time laughing and socialising with the team.

One member of staff’s antics cropped up multiple times when we mentioned the wellbeing day… Si running in orbit around a hot tub while trying to put the lid back on made Rhea, Sophie and Freya R laugh (nearly with tears!), meanwhile others enjoyed his quick dip in the cold water before saying “I’m getting out” - we’re not even sure he got up to his knees!

New clients

For Kirsty, hearing about the fun and benefits of our very well-deserved staff wellbeing away day was a highlight. She was at a potential new client meeting in Somerset so she missed out on the fun. Not to worry, she won't be missing the next one - she also returned with a cheese hamper, which certainly has the rest of the team jealous!

Back at the office, Si has had a fantastic month, busy with website copywriting, and some really positive feedback from a new client has definitely got us started on the right track, with tone and style being "perfect" so far!

A cheesy theme!

Rhea and Si went to France over the February half term, where they stayed with their close friends and their baby daughter. The couple moved to Normandy last year, where they live in an old farm cottage deep in rural France. Si, Rhea and their boys explored France and even paid a visit to Paris (and certainly made the most of all the wine and cheese!).

Precious time

Freya M is taking time for herself at the moment, which has been her highlight this month. It’s already been a chaotic start to the year for Freya, who definitely hasn't had any ‘Freya time’ in all the chaos. She has taken a step back and decided to make a conscious effort to stop and take a deep breath - whether that be sitting in her favourite coffee shop with a chai latte, reading, or taking her dog for a walk. All simple pleasures but the small things are really the big things, right?

Tony is thrilled to have very talented grandchildren, with all four receiving awards or commendations this month! A big well done to all of them, Tony must be very proud.

A trip to London to see her best friend India was Sophie’s February highlight. India is going travelling in March and the pair had a fantastic time together… who knows when they’ll be reunited?

Dani’s personal highlight? Half term! Lots of fun was had visiting family, the zoo (family not at the zoo, Dani was quick to add!) seeing friends and entertaining people. Dani also went down to London with her family, and also enjoyed a wedding anniversary party. By the sounds of it, she’s come back to the office for a rest!

Moving up

Freya R is thrilled to have her new motorbike finally on the road. She has been working with her dad to get it ready and the pair have enjoyed working on the project together. Freya also had a lovely morning pottery painting with her sister and her granny, Sue, at Splat n Splodge!

Kirsty was overjoyed to see her son go to his interview for his first job and then to see the smile after his first shift, second shift and third! Who knew a teenage boy would love washing up so much?

Freya M has been joining in with all the fun at the Oswestry Network Club run by Shropshire Chamber. Chatting with local business people over a delicious breakfast is never a bad way to begin your day and it's a great way to make connections.

It has certainly been a month of achievements and togetherness! You can read what we got up to last month, here.