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Team J&PR's favourite marketing trends of 2021
17 Dec 2021

2021 has nearly come to an end. As we wave goodbye to the year, we’re also waving goodbye to some simply amazing marketing!

Being a PR and social media agency, we like to keep up to date with what’s trending and which marketing campaigns are doing well. 

With that said, here are a few of the digital team’s favourite marketing campaigns of the year…

Peroni’s 3D billboard campaign - Rhea

It may be hard to picture it during a UK winter, but imagine the sun is shining… what are you craving? It’s likely an ice-cold drink, glistening with condensation, right?

Peroni hit the nail on the head with its 3D billboard campaign, which was also the first-ever 3D ad to grace Piccadilly Circus. 

Rhea thought it was a great campaign - having a bottle of beer dripping as the sun shines over it is just idyllic...

It may just be that she’s a beer drinker, but just the thought of it made Rhea want to buy one; we checked with the rest of our team and everyone (even the non-beer-lovers!) said it made them crave a cold one!

Peroni's 3D billboard campaign

Great British Bake Off’s social media marketing - Sophie

An avid Bake Off lover, it was no surprise Sophie chose GBBO’s social media presence as her favourite marketing campaign of the year.

It made top spot on Sophie’s list for many reasons, including its use of movie puns to announce whatever week that episode was… a special mention to ‘Puddington’ here for Dessert Week.

The social memes that were created by the Bake Off team after each episode were also fantastic, and lovingly poked fun at contestants and judges. It’s not often that TV shows or ‘businesses’ get away with joining in on social trends so naturally!

Finally, Sophie loved the community management carried out by the Bake Off team and thought it made all the difference. Members of the social team engaged with people commenting on posts and kept it in line with the tone of the show while giving it that personal touch.

Well done, Team Bake Off!

Heineken’s Squid Game campaign - Freya

If you’ve not watched the South Korean show that blew our minds, you probably won’t understand this. Now’s your chance to open up Netflix, binge-watch it and then come back… we’ll wait…

Well-known beer brand Heineken used shapes from Squid Game’s iconic Ppopgi game, and linked the symbols to its own branding of the recognisable star.

We should mention here that when we asked for the team’s favourite marketing campaigns, we didn’t specify that it had to be a food or drink theme...


Freya loved how Heineken didn’t need to give an obvious link to the show, yet people were still aware of the campaign’s meaning. It really demonstrates that if your marketing is current and on-trend, most people will understand it; this also makes your business more relatable as people will connect you to your human side (and we’re always going on about showing your humanity at J&PR!).


The use of the phrase “easy choice” references the ease of the choice in the Ppogi game and links this to the easy choice of drinking a Heineken - genius!

Heineken's Squid Game ad


Tourism New Zealand’s video - Becci


Becci loved Tourism New Zealand’s video which is a spoof on clamping down on travelling under the ‘social influence’. 


The video pokes fun at people visiting New Zealand’s most photographed locations just for the sake of social media, while showing that the country has so much more to offer.


It’s a fantastic video and gave us a smile! Becci said it brought back memories for her which is lovely. 


That’s a wrap on our favourite campaigns of 2021 - we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see who goes bigger and better in 2022!