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Family-run tutoring business set for second wave of expansion
30 Mar 2016
by Rhea Alton

A family-run tutoring business in Shropshire is expanding for the second time in just six months.

It follows increasing demand for the services offered by Shropshire Tutor, in particular specialist SATs tutoring classes in maths and English.

Back in October the company, owned by Adele Conlon, took on two new tutors and this saw qualified primary teachers Sarah Connolly and Ricky Craven joining the team.

Both have brought a wealth of teaching knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to the business but with demand continuing to grow Miss Conlon is now looking to expand the team even further by recruiting a further three tutors, one in the primary school sector and two to tutor youngsters in GCSE level English and maths.

She said: “In just three months time children in Year 2 and Year 6 will be sitting their SATs tests so it’s no surprise we have had a sudden surge of interest in our Saturday SATs tutoring classes both in Telford and Shrewsbury.

“Being ready for the tests is all about being prepared and it seems many parents and youngsters are beginning to focus their attention on the tests early this year.

“This gives children time to build confidence ahead of the tests and iron out any difficulties they are having early on.

“Demand for the classes has grown year on year and in October we took on two new tutors so that we could provide more Saturday classes. Now we are looking to recruit a third tutor which is very exciting.

“We are also very pleased to be recruiting two GCSE level tutors so that we can branch out and start providing tutoring sessions to youngsters aged 11 to 16.

“Since starting the business three years ago tutoring has been very much focused towards primary and nursery aged children but I have had an increasing number of tutoring requests from parents whose children are at secondary school and are struggling with GCSE English and maths.

“It seems a logical step for the business to expand and provide tutoring to all age groups so we are very much looking forward to to offering these services in the very near future.”

Miss Conlon, who has more than 20 years experience as a primary school teacher, and her team of tutors currently provide both private and class-based educational services to children under the age of 11, in English and maths.

Miss Conlon also works in partnership with nurseries across the county delivering educational programmes to support the transition from preschool to primary school.

The Saturday SATs classes are held at the Hadley Learning Community in Telford and Shrewsbury College.

For further information about the classes or other services offered by Shropshire Tutor visit www.shropshiretutor.co.uk or contact 0800 6890 193.

Adele Conlon, owner of Shropshire Tutor.

Adele Conlon, owner of Shropshire Tutor.