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How did you react to the great Facebook outage of 2021?
13 Oct 2021
by Sophie Coombs

On Monday, 4th October, the world stood still.

We’re only joking, of course… the world did NOT stop spinning and we survived the great Facebook outage of 2021 which lasted less than a quarter of a day but seemed like much longer for some. 

Working in social media, when the digital conglomerate Facebook went down, alongside its relatives Instagram and WhatsApp, we were curious to know how people felt. 

Once we were back online, we asked our followers on LinkedIn and Twitter (our resilient soldiers) how they reacted to the outage. Here’s what we learned…

Instagram is top dog

We asked people which app they noticed had gone down first and which app they missed the most, and Instagram reeled in the most votes for both polls. 

Not only were people on the photo-sharing app, which has seen astronomical growth over the past 12 months, when the Facebook outage struck, but they were also pining for it during the 6 hours that we couldn’t share a #selfie.

We’re addicts!

When asked if people checked the apps that were down on that silent Monday night, voters said a big YES.

Whether it was intentional or a subconscious ‘quick scroll’ we were after, we couldn’t go less than a working day without checking in on our favourite apps.

Facebook, NOT ‘fave’-book

Out of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, Facebook was the least loved out of the apps with only 6% of voters saying they missed it the most.

Could it be that Zuckerberg’s brainchild is slowly dying out?

Staying connected is key

Instagram came up trumps across the polls, but WhatsApp came second across the board

Clearly, we rely on the app to communicate with the people we’re closest to, emotionally and physically. Has there been a shift from mindless scrolling to actually using our apps for a purpose?

What does your business need to take from this?

If there is one thing you need to learn from the recent Facebook outage, it’s that Instagram is king. As soon as the apps were back up and running, we were opening Insta to double-tap to our hearts’ content.

This means Instagram is probably somewhere your business needs to be if it isn’t already. 

The second thing you should learn from this outage is that anything can happen in the social world; take Lounge Underwear for example, which was launching its largest-ever social campaign when the outage struck.

If your primary platform went down, would potential customers be able to find you elsewhere? Are you active on relevant social platforms? Is your website up to scratch? Or would your business fall off the face of the earth along with your chosen platform?

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