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4 steps to improving your Facebook ad performance
14 Feb 2017

Leveraging Facebook to gain more leads and sales is something a lot of businesses are doing. However, some are not seeing the results they were expecting which is understandably frustrating when marketing budget is limited.

Facebook ad success

If you’re currently running a Facebook ad campaign then below are four tips which can help you to achieve your marketing goals by making your campaigns more efficient as well as cost effective.

Use targeting features

In order to create an effective ad which will meet your budget requirements, you need to use Facebook’s targeting options. These are ideal for narrowing down and optimising your audience and will make sure that those people clicking on your ad are genuinely interested in your products and services. A few of the targeting options on offer are:

  • Location – the area you want your ad to show to.

  • Age & gender – who is your ideal customer?

  • Detailed targeting – interests, behaviour and demographics.

  • Connections – those who like your page, those who don’t.

By utilising these for each of your ads you’ll be amazed by how far you can stretch your budget, while at the same time showing your ads to the right audience.

A/B test your ads

One way to really maximise your Facebook budget is to split test your ads. Doing this will help you to identify your best performing ads enabling you to adjust your spend accordingly. If you only have a small budget to start with its important that you analyse the performance of your ads daily so that you’re not wasting money.

Multiple objectives

Many established businesses have a solid customer base with which to promote their products and services. However, for small companies and ones just starting out you need market multiple benefits. By optimising your Facebook ads over several objectives you’ll be able to manage your budget effectively.

For example, you could promote your blog or a specific part of your website while at the same time encourage people to like your Facebook page. This way if they do require more information about your business they’ll click on the link in your ad. If they like what they see, more often than not they’ll follow your page. Running an ad with multiple objectives can only work if the objectives in question complement each other.

Special offers

Everyone loves an offer or a discount where they can save money. Adding an offer or discount code to your ad is a sure fire way to help increase sales. This helps you identify the best marketing strategies for your business while at the same time maximising your ROI.

If you’d like more advice when it comes to setting up and managing your Facebook ad campaign then get in touch with us at J&PR today.