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Help to break a world record with Doorstep Carols
20 Oct 2021
by Becci Dutton

Are you ready to be part of a World Record….and get to know your neighbours too?

Doorstep Carols is just the thing for you. We love the idea of neighbours joining together and singing Christmas carols from their doorsteps.

Shropshire will be in voice on December 15th from 6pm to 7pm and 2021's Doorstep Carols event is going for a world record this year with BBC local radio stations across the UK, the military, the army, cathedrals, hospitals and Sir Tim Rice all on board!

It’s a beautiful event and will truly bring people together... and the nationwide scheme actually began in Shrewsbury so it’s even more important that the people of Shropshire show the rest of the country our fabulous singing voices!

What is Doorstep Carols?

Doorstep Carols was launched by Katy Rink and Beth Heart and started out as a way to get the people of Shrewsbury singing in the absence of the traditional, much-loved Carols in the Square, which had to be cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

They teamed up with BBC Radio Shropshire, who play the carols for people to sing along to on their doorsteps with their neighbours.

And the story spread from there and now this year, they are hoping for a world record!

Katy said: "It was amazing to see people having so much fun with their neighbours last year.

“People really went to town with fire pits, fairy lights, mulled wine and even street bands.

“We hope that with restrictions lifted this year (fingers crossed!), whole communities will be able to join together in the street for Britain's biggest sing ever! 

"Why not make an event of it - or even turn it into the work Christmas party and raise some money for local charities? It's a wonderful new Christmas tradition that brings everyone together and we can really go to town this year!”

The current world record for the largest group of carol singers at multiple venues is held by Premier Christian Radio, with 18,100 people taking part across 196 locations.

Doorstep Carols is aiming for 200,000 singers!

To sign up and get your street and neighbours involved, visit www.doorstepcarols.co.uk

Doorstep Carols Shrewsbury