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Does scheduling social media content affect your reach and engagement?
20 Jan 2021
by Sophie Coombs

Have you ever really thought about why your business is on social media?

You may have a handful of answers, but when it comes down to it it’s simple: you want to increase your amount of sales/clients/customers… you want your business to make more money.

And how do you do that through social media? You make sure your content is incredible, of course!

But is it that easy? 

We wish!

Each social media platform has its own algorithm that isn’t too dissimilar from the others. 

You may have some fantastic social content going out across your platforms, but if it isn’t reaching enough people or getting enough engagement it can feel as though you’re talking to a wall. It can be a vicious circle, too, as you need to have some reach to get any engagement on a post, which will then help your post reach further… and so on.

Scheduling tool Sendible has recently released a report that found Facebook posts scheduled in advance using a third-party system had better reach and engagement compared to posts that were shared reactively within Facebook.

Why is this?

Many third-party systems have access to your social media profiles’ analytics (you have to give them this access, of course), so they know what times will work best for you on what days. 

That means when you schedule a post for a Tuesday, the system can decide the best time for you. These times may be inconvenient for you to post at manually - no one wants to be tweeting on the school run!

Do we schedule content at J&PR?

With J&PR you get the best of both worlds; we schedule content in advance but we also post reactively on your behalf when it’s needed… and trust us, it’s been needed in 2020!

When your content is written at J&PR it has been tailored to your business and its target audience - each client has their own voice and we ensure that voice is used throughout your social content. We wouldn’t want that going to waste by posting at the wrong times!

Using a third-party scheduling system means your content is going out at your profiles’ optimised times - whether that is 5am or 5pm. 

Great content that increases engagement + a system that increases your reach = more business for you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of reactivity

While it’s great to schedule content in advance, 2020 has taught us that being reactive and on the ball is very much needed at times. 

Got an urgent message that you need your audience to see ASAP? Leave it to us - we can script your post and get it live pronto. 

Equally, if you want some news going out that day but it isn’t uber urgent - perhaps you want to announce your reopening following a temporary closure - we can use our system to set an optimised time for your post. 

If you’d like someone to take the task of social media off your hands, or some training so that you can improve some digital presence, pop us an email at info@jandpr.com.