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Do we really need 280 characters?
27 Sep 2017
by Kirsty Smallman

Today it was announced that Twitter is doubling its character limit for some users from 140 to 280 –  in a move that could potentially redefine the social network.

For a small percentage of Twitter’s 328 million users, they’ll be able to post a longer tweet as of Tuesday night. But is this really a good idea, or a move of desperation to reinvent the brand?

For those of us who use Twitter on a daily basis, the 140 characters can at times be a little restrictive. Writing a tweet then having to edit it to fit the character limit can be frustrating.

However, being able to get across your point of view in a short amount of space has always been popular – more so with celebrities and public figures. President Trump, who is known for his Twitter antics, could be one of the elite few to get an upgrade in character length!

The move has divided opinion and it’s no surprise that the topic is currently trending. Many said they would rather have an edit button than the expansion in character, as currently a tweet cannot be edited.

Over the past few years Twitter has been on a slight decline amongst other social networks. Facebook continues to lead the way, with Instagram and YouTube behind.

Source: www.dreamgrow.com

Scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning it all seems to be negative, with many people making jokes that an additional 280 characters will give us more space for proper punctuation and grammar.

Then you have the Twitter trolls. Those who thrive on abuse and bullying with controversial tweets – they’ll be rubbing their hands at the thought of having a larger canvas to work with.

The hope is that it will help to raise engagement, which for bigger brands and businesses could be a good thing. As someone who manages a lot of client social media platforms, having more characters could help me get my message across.

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