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Do we all need a podcast? Plus the podcasts you should be listening to
06 Aug 2023

Podcasts. They’re the ‘2012 YouTube’ of 2023. 

In fact, podcasts are so popular that nearly a quarter of the world’s internet users are tuning in to listen to their favourite hosts. And numbers are still growing.

As with all popular media types (remember when everyone was joining TikTok in 2020?) businesses are, naturally, taking an interest in podcasts, questioning whether they should have their own.

Here, we delve deeper into why you should or shouldn’t have your voice heard on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by streamers. 

Prefer to be a listener? Don’t worry, we also list some of our favourite communications, PR, and marketing podcasts down below too.

Why should you start a podcast?

If you are knowledgeable about the industry you work in, are passionate about the work you do, have the time for set-up and creation and are considering getting into the podcast booth, here are some reasons to tempt you…

Increase your reach and brand awareness

An obvious reason - if you start a podcast (and do it well) your business’ reach will increase. In turn, your brand awareness will also grow. 

This is a great chance to develop and improve your business’ reputation and grow your name in your industry.

Demonstrate your knowledge and authority

Tying into our above point, your podcast will show listeners how knowledgeable you are about your industry and can make you the go-to organisation when they need your services.

Repurpose your content

That conversation you had on your podcast? Edit it down to a TikTok. Then turn those points into an infographic. Then make a handful of social media posts about each point. After that? Write a blog about the subject (or get your PR team to do it for you!).

Because podcasts happen so freely, unlike a piece of written content where you can spend a while mulling over what you’re going to say next, your conversations can go in all sorts of directions which can give you the opportunity to repurpose that content across your digital platforms. Who knows, it might even give you some inspiration for a topic you’ve not covered before!

Are there any reasons you shouldn’t have a podcast?

There’s no two ways about it, podcasts are great. But that doesn’t mean we should all have one!

It’s costly

Podcasts are pricey! Not only do you need to invest in the correct equipment and space to record, you also need to consider the cost of the time it will take to research before each episode, record your podcast, edit it, and promote it online. 

It’s important to be consistent with your podcasts too, whether they’re daily, weekly or monthly, so you need to consider the long-term cost they may have.

A LOT of people are starting podcasts

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing - it’s wonderful so many individuals and businesses are getting involved - it does mean the podcast space could be oversaturated and you might be battling with a lot of competitors to have yours heard.

How are you measuring your ROI?

Are you planning on monetising your podcast? If so, is that through advertisers and sponsors, or having your podcast be an element of your sales funnel?

It might be that you just want your name out there!

Either way, it can be difficult to measure your ROI due to the nature of podcast platforms. Think about what your goals are from your podcast (10,000 subscribers? 20 new clients?) and make sure they align with your business’ overall marketing strategy.

Which podcasts should you be listening to?

As a team, we love podcasts! In the car, on a walk, at our desks, we’re often plugged in listening to what other people have to say about various subjects.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much use if we recommended every single podcast we love, so here are some of our favourite marketing and communications pods…

  • Marketing Week - This one needs no explanation! With interviews from marketing powerhouses to analysing successful campaigns, the Marketing Week podcast is one to tune into regularly.
  • Social Minds - From the social media geniuses behind the famous Social Chain, Social Minds shares insights into different marketing strategies, delves deeper into business’ campaigns, and discusses weekly changes in the social media marketing world in its minisodes ‘Social in Six’.
  • The PR Week - Again, this needs little explanation! Tune into The PR Week podcast to get your weekly discussion about the world of PR and communications. 
  • Beyond the Noise - This is a bonus podcast, also run by PR Week, which looks deeper into the world of PR. If you’re interested in in-depth discussions about topics such as AI, this is the pod for you.

Can we help?

While we don’t offer podcast services just yet, we can certainly give you some recommendations for who does! 

After that, why not come to us so we can promote your podcast online or repurpose your content for blogs and social media posts? Get in touch at info@jandpr.com if we can help.