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Ditch that Scratch
25 Jun 2014
by Rebecca Dutton

Guest blog by Ace Car Care

Has your car ever been scratched by a horse biting it?


Admittedly, that’s quite an unusual one, but you would be amazed at some of the stories behind the various scratches we see at Ace Car Care.

It’s fair to say that scratches are one of the most common ways of damaging a vehicle, whether it’s from a horse bite or a stone from the road.

Then there’s the scuffs that come from loading heavy things into your boot, or just general daily wear and tear.

They are so easily done that many people think they are unavoidable, but protecting your vehicle from scratches is actually easier than you think.

Paint and scuff protection film is becoming more sophisticated and affordable, and is a great way of making sure your gleaming paintwork stays that way.

Here at Ace Car Care, we offer two varieties.

Firstly there’s clear protection film, which is pretty much invisible so works really well on those areas on show, such as bonnets, front bumpers, mirror caps and wheel arches.

Then there’s black textured film, which is thicker and harder wearing, so is ideal for bumper boot loading areas, sill kick plates and that sort of thing.

Black textured film can also cover existing damage, which can be a cost-effective way of “removing” a scratch.

Whatever you need protecting, we can create bespoke templates that are specifically designed for your vehicle, so you get a truly professional finish.

For more information, take a look at our Paint Protection Film pricing guide [http://www.acecarcare.co.uk/paint-protection-film-price-guide] or give us a call on 01743 466100.

You can also find out more about it on our website at http://www.acecarcare.co.uk/paint-protection-film.