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Do you know what digital content creation means?
11 Feb 2022
by Freya Morris

When you think of content creation, what comes to mind?

Do you think of a journalist, writing their latest story? Or of an influencer filming a YouTube video? Maybe a graphic designer creating a new image?

You’d be right if you thought of any of these.

The term ‘content creation’ covers a wide range of areas. From social media videos to website content, J&PR covers all key bases when it comes to digital content creation. 

Social content - is it all just words?

It’s a common misconception that content creation is limited to something that has been written; we’re here to tell you that imagery and videos are JUST as important - especially when it comes to visual social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

Images and videos are an excellent way to share your business and what it’s about. If you aren’t on visual social media platforms by now, what are you waiting for?

Maybe you’re new to the world of visual social media or maybe you wouldn’t touch TikTok with a barge pole. Whatever your level of experience is with these platforms, it remains just as important to take full advantage of them to promote your business. After all, most of the big players are completely free to use!

Of course, video isn’t the be-all and end-all of social media - you have to have amazing copy too! Luckily, the team at J&PR is knowledgeable in creating social media assets and writing brilliant content to go with them.

We can start a social media campaign from the beginning or refresh your current marketing campaign and review what platforms you’re currently on, and which you should be on… no business needs to be spreading itself across all social media platforms if it doesn’t have the time to work on it, or the audience on the platform! If your target audience isn’t younger people, you should probably save yourself some time and stay away from TikTok...

Remember if you want to keep the management in-house then we can train your staff too with one of our Two Hour Takeovers.

Stay up-to-date through e-newsletters

When did you last have a newsletter pushed through your letterbox? What’s more, when was the last time that happened and you actually read it?

The world is turning digital, and so is your mail.

E-newsletters are an effective way to ensure the communication between a business and its consumers continues long after they purchased a service or product. They’re also a fantastic way to reach out to potential customers, encouraging them to consider your business when they’re next out shopping.

Do you have a regular e-newsletter set up, to go straight to your audience’s inboxes? If not, why not?

If this is something your business would benefit from but you’re not sure where to start, we can help! The J&PR team can design and draft the content of your e-newsletter and distribute it on the same day every month. Remember, consistency is key!

Engage your audience with well-written blogs

We all love a blog, don’t we? You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn't!

If done properly, blogs are an informative, interesting and relatable way for you to effectively communicate with your target audience

Whether you’re sharing expert advice, providing top tips, or giving your reaction to the latest piece of industry news, a blog is a suitable way to share content with your current and potential consumers.

Not sure where to begin? We have it covered by drafting your blogs for you. We’ll use appropriate keywords and search terms so that your content will be seen and read for all the right reasons.

Website copy

Ensuring your website copy is interesting enough to keep your readers hooked is an important yet difficult task. 

Landing pages have to keep people interested enough to look through the rest of your site otherwise, well… there’s no point in even having a website!

It’s also important to make sure your website is easy to navigate, with well displayed calls to action, so your consumers know exactly where to find key information. 

The easier it is for your consumer to do something, such as contact you, the more likely they are to do so!

Need a hand?

We don’t expect business owners or marketing managers to be professional wordsmiths - we know there’s more than enough on their plates as it is!

At J&PR we’re passionate about helping your business get the recognition and audience it deserves, through our content creation and phenomenal public relations experience.

If we can do anything to help, from running your social media campaigns to hosting a Two Hour Takeover on blog writing, email us at info@jandpr.com.