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Community lunch hailed huge success
23 May 2017
by Dani Wozencroft

A weekly community lunch which has brought hundreds of people together has been hailed a huge success as it marks its fifth anniversary.

The Rockspring Thursday Lunch held at The Rockspring Community Centre in Ludlow was launched to offer people the chance to meet others in the area.

Organised by The Furniture Scheme and run by volunteers, the event has attracted residents of all ages from new mums with babies to pensioners who may not see anyone else that week without going to the event.

Jean Jarvis MBE, chief executive of The Furniture Scheme, said hundreds of friendships had been made and the lunch, held every Thursday at noon, regularly attracted more than 40 people.

Miss Jarvis said: “The weekly lunch is amazing and the stories which come out of the event are fantastic.

“We have a 91-year-old man who comes and loves his weekly lunch and the friendships he has made.

“At the other end of the age scale we have new mums who may feel isolated at home but at the lunch they can come to Rockspring and enjoy a warm cooked lunch and a good conversation and lots of fun.

“During the holidays we continue the lunch which is vital as so many things close during holidays but this is the time the children can come along and have their lunch with their parents, carers, guardians or grandparents. Childminders and friends also enjoy the lunch.”

The food is cooked by volunteers and served for just £2 per head including a piece of homemade cake.

Miss Jarvis added: “This lunch is just another one of our successful initiatives which helps to combat isolation and loneliness but also creates a fantastic sense of community and friendship.

“A support network is essential and the lunch has proved extremely popular and will continue to grow year on year.”

The profits made from the lunch are totalled at the end of the year and used to pay for a complimentary Christmas lunch for 40 people. Father Christmas also visits to see the children and a community choir entertains the residents.

Anybody who would like more information about the Rockspring Thursday Lunch should email Rockspring@furniturescheme.co.uk, ring 01584 874922 or arrive at the community centre at 12noon any Thursday.

For more information about The Furniture Scheme visit www.furniturescheme.co.uk. Anyone who has any dietary requirements must let the organisers know in advance.