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Comedian Geoff Norcott at Theatre Severn
05 Mar 2020
by Rebecca Dutton

Have you got your tickets yet? We are really excited about seeing comedian Geoff Norcott at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn later this month.

His show, Taking Liberties, will take place on March 25 at 8pm.

Winner of Best Comedy at the BBC Radio and Music Awards, Geoff is known for his blunt and honest comedy routine.

He has appeared frequently on Question Time as well as The Mash Report, Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week. He also features on his own Radio 4 comedy special as well as popping up on The Now Show.

Geoff won an operational medal for his five tours performing to British troops in Afghanistan.

Geoff said: “At its heart, the show is about being told what to do and being told off, and I think a lot of people hate that. 

“It’s not a right-left thing, but that guides a lot of my political views; we all like to imagine our politics to be a pure dissertation of the world around us, whereas I’ve started thinking that it’s more about emotional reactions to things. So now, whether it’s people telling you what words to use, food to eat or where you can fly, I just don’t like being told what to do.”

Geoff said he will also be tackling automation and the outsourcing of a lot of our capabilities to technology. 

He said: “Take driverless cars: I like driving and I think it’s healthy to be in charge of your own safety and location. To my son, who’s almost four, my ability to be able to drive to places without google maps is going to make me seem like a wizard.

“One of the other bits in the show is reasserting the right to make sweeping generalisations about men and women. As gender increasingly gets portrayed as a construct, I think men and women, on the whole, are all boringly predictable.

“On the whole. So, yes, I generalise, it’ll make sense to some and not to others, but people can react by laughing or not laughing. There’s no need to get bent out of shape about it.”

To book tickets, which cost £15, see the website at www.theatresevern.co.uk