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Clubhouse: the new invite only social app
09 Apr 2021
by Sophie Coombs

Last month, we shared a blog about the importance of digital networking, why you should get involved, and how. We included a small section about the new kid on the block, social app Clubhouse, and have had a fair few questions about it… don’t panic, we’re here to explain everything.

What is it… and should I be worried?

There is something about the words ‘invite only’ that instantly make you want to be a part of whatever you haven’t been invited to. 

Back in the days before Covid (like 2019… remember that?) ‘invite only’ would suggest a super exclusive event, but we are in the times of social distancing and online communication. The invite only event you’re missing out on now is the exclusive social networking app, Clubhouse. 

Fear not, Operations Director Rhea and Digital Account Manager Sophie have made it past the velvet rope barrier and are actively using Clubhouse to see whether you actually are missing out, or whether it’s all a very successful marketing ploy.

So… what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social app. You can follow people, trends and industries to tailor your account to your interests.

Clubhouse is made up of ‘rooms’; there are rooms of people talking with dedicated speakers - a bit like a live podcast or the radio, except you can get involved too; just digitally raise your hand and you will be able to speak. You can join or leave these rooms at any time or you can create your own room, which is essentially just starting your own conversation.

There’s also the Social Rooms feature. Social Rooms are a little more private as they are only seen by those who follow you and you follow back, so it’s like a big, live group chat.

People have also been using Clubhouse to host auditions for singing and/or rapping roles - for example the US tour of Dreamgirls hosted some auditions on Clubhouse. Exciting stuff, right?

Can I find conversations once the room has closed?

Unfortunately not. No chats are recorded and one of the app’s main rules is no recording. 

Clubhouse is meant to be a safe space for celebrities (the likes of Oprah, Drake and Ashton Kutcher are already on there) and normal people alike to use the app without worrying about having their conversations recorded and shared afterwards. This can obviously have its dangers too and unfortunately not everyone will stick to the ‘no recording’ rule.

I want in!! How do I get an invite?

As we’ve already mentioned, you need to have an invitation to make an account on Clubhouse, but you also need to have an iPhone... sorry android users, we’re sure Clubhouse HQ are working on it. 

You’ll need to know someone who’s already on the app to get an invite. Once you’re in, you get a ‘nominated by’ banner on your profile to show fellow users who invited you (consider it a badge of honour!) and you’ll then be able to invite your own friends. 

You’ll periodically get access to more invites so you can invite other people and expand your community.

Do I need to use it for my business?

Clubhouse is the perfect place for digital networking and spotlighting your business as a knowledgeable industry leader. 

We think, if you’d like to use Clubhouse for business, grab an individual (or a few) who can represent your business and discuss the industry you’re in; it will establish you as professionals in your field and it will give your business that personal edge that customers and clients are so desperate to see at the moment.

Clubhouse is also a fantastic way to reach a wider audience; we don’t think you’d usually meet someone from the other side of the world in a Shropshire networking session (although it could happen!) but you can absolutely speak to a global audience on Clubhouse.

Remember, people connect with people. If you put some time into Clubhouse and use individuals from your business to show themselves as knowledgeable industry leaders, we think your business will reap the benefits.

Would you like to learn more about Clubhouse, or any other social apps for that matter? 

We offer 1-2-1, two-hour, virtual training sessions to show you the basics on social platforms or to tackle any issues you may have. Drop us an email at info@jandpr.com and we can have a chat. We’d love to help you grow.