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Some (more!) lovely words from our clients!
16 Apr 2021
by Team J&PR

We love receiving kind words from our clients! Rhea and Kirsty's recent training and mentoring sessions have been a hit, so we're sharing some of the lovely testimonials we've received with you. 

"Rhea and J&PR have been absolutely fantastic from the very start. They have helped me to gain a much wider audience on my business profile and this has definitely equated to clients. 

"They are incredibly dedicated to what they do and I am so grateful to have been supported by them month on month to help to keep me on track.

"I could come to sessions with queries and they would be thoroughly answered. This year has been turbulent for businesses and very different for marketing yet despite this, Rhea has been able to support me and my business [for] our best year yet!

"I would absolutely recommend Rhea and J&PR to anybody struggling to market their business."

- Lucy McIver, Lucy McIvor Counselling Service

"My experience with Rhea's services are from our monthly marketing meetings and my marketing mentoring 1:1 I got from her.

"Every time Rhea was very professional and friendly with great expertise in her field.

"She listens very well and points out easy steps to implement and to consider.

"She has a great network of people and contacts that can support you on your marketing journey.

"Working with Rhea has supported me on my business journey in terms of understanding how marketing works and to become more visible to the right clients.

"Her service has always been professional and approachable and open to sharing ideas.

"I would recommend Rhea to anyone who needs marketing advice and wants an approachable and friendly person to do it with."

- Franziska Pretsch

"Thank you for presenting the social media and PR course last Thursday. The course was filled with useful information that I am going to take away and apply to Keim.

- Sophie Hughes, Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

If you would like to book a training or mentoring session with us, please email us at info@jandpr.com. We'd love to help!