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Childhood memories with Haven
30 Mar 2016
by Kirsty Smallman

Touring caravans – love them or hate them? As a child who enjoyed annual family holidays and weekend breaks in one I loved them and as an adult with my own children I love them even more!

So last year saw the arrival of our “third baby” Swift Stanley – the new touring caravan. We were lucky enough to enjoy nearly five weeks out of the summer holidays in Stanley last year and many memories were made with our boys aged 4 and 6.

Next week it’s time to return to Haven’s Kiln Park in Tenby. As a child I have fond memories of Haven and our two boys share that love – for those of you who have experienced the Haven fun I apologise for you now having “blue or yellow” in your head all day!

The last time we stayed at the scenic Kiln Park we were camping and our newborn baby wouldn’t sleep so I spent several hours one night driving around the park trying to calm him down!

Next week will be different! We plan to enjoy the new refurbished bar and restaurant, the indoor pools, we’ll be hitting the Blue Flag awarded beach come rain or shine and also enjoy the beautiful town of Tenby.  

As we are an active family much of the holiday will be spent on two feet or two wheels (and eating and drinking a glass of wine or two of course just to keep it balanced!)

This holiday was booked at our youngest son’s request for his 5th birthday so no doubt Bradley Bear will be ready with the high five and the seagulls of Tenby will be eagerly awaiting our arrival to steal our chips out of the paper at the harbour! I told you memories are made – Archie recalls the story of the naughty seagull every time we mention Tenby!

With the packed schedule of activities booked as part of the bundle deal at Haven I’m not sure we will have much time to leave the site as the boys are looking forward to archery, water jets and gliders, pool parties, bush craft and much more.

And as we’ve got the grandparents in tow (pardon the pun!) and my two brothers and my sister in law we shouldn’t be short on babysitters so we may even get a child free night out at one of the beautiful restaurants of Tenby!


Kiln Park at Tenby

Kiln Park at Tenby