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Charities can save money and raise funds at the same time with new initiative
30 Mar 2016
by Dani Wozencroft

Charities across the UK could save money and raise funds at the same time thanks to a new initiative from a Shropshire business.

Telecommunications specialists Fluid Network Solutions, based in Shrewsbury, has pledged to hand over 40per cent of any profits made back to a registered charity when they work together.

The company, which launched 13 years ago and runs the telephony network for out of hours GP service Shropdoc, could raise thousands of pounds for charity through this scheme if there is enough uptake.

Managing director Rob Tolley said: “We have saved Shropdoc a lot of money over the years whilst also ensuring they have the most up to date telephony service possible, best suited to their needs.

“We have also worked with a lot of GP surgeries individually and we’re very proud of the millions of pounds we have saved the NHS – but there are so many other companies out there for whom every penny counts.

“We think the charity sector could really benefit from checking the costings and checking that their systems are the best available.

“This new business tariff is part of our commitment to charity and making a difference to the industry in which we work.

“How it will work is by Fluid matching their current tariff, but 40per cent of the margin made will be paid back to them as a contribution towards the charity of which they can claim tax back from the government as we are UK tax payer.”

Mr Tolley’s company is in the process of franchising across the UK which means it can cater for any charity in the UK from Scotland to Brighton.

Fluid specialises in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems and has vast experience in upgrading organisations to IP telephony.

This is something which Mr Tolley believes charities will need to consider in the coming years because of changes to the technology involved in telephone systems.

“Around 90per cent of companies in the UK will be affected by changes that BT are making,” he said.

“In less than ten years’ time BT have announced they will switch off PSTN (analogue) and ISDN (digital) networks.

“It means that sooner or later business users will have no choice but to go to VoIP systems.
“We believe around 90per cent of companies in the UK are on digital and analogue networks and a good percentage of those do not have telephone systems that are IP compatible, so they will need to invest in new hardware.

“Whether it’s done now or left until later is down to each individual business but this is just the tip of the iceberg – so charities need to consider this.”

The new charity tariff will be on offer to all registered charities until the end of this year.

For more information about Fluid Network Solutions visit the website www.fluidnetworksolutions.co.uk, email info@fluidns.co.uk or call 0333 222 6650.