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Caradoc Medical Services launches revolutionary app
24 Mar 2017
by Rhea Alton

You always see the posts on social media. We spend too much time on our phones, young people never look up from their screens, over half of UK households now have a tablet.

But whether you are best friends with your iPhone or dislike any kind of technology – everyone will agree it is now a huge part of life.

And as a business owner it is integral you embrace that.

Businesses need to be on the other end of that focus, whether that be on social media platforms, websites or via a business app.

With the average weekly spend online in the first half of last year clocking up £859.6 million, no matter what your business is, much of your target market will be online.

Caradoc Medical Services, based in Shrewsbury, this month launched an app for their self-employed therapist, osteopath and health practitioner members.

Therapists often find it difficult to find the time to run the business side of things in-between appointments and this new app, providing direct access to an online shop selling core products at discounted rates, is set to help them.

The app was created by developers Six Ticks Limited, who have made a number of apps for businesses across the UK.

Stephanie Henson, sales Director, said the app is easy to navigate and optimised for ipads and tablets as well as Apple and Android smartphones.

The shop gives business owners a secure environment where they can quickly order supplies at a time that is suitable for them and users receive instant email notifications and will be able to see their history of transactions.

This attracts an audience – business owners want a simple and easy way to be on the other end of all that mobile and tablet traffic, and customers want a quick and easy way to buy.

The app also displays additional information about Caradoc Medical Services, including information about other benefits of membership and how their businesses can get there very own mobile app – Six Ticks Limited are one of their many suppliers, as is J&PR.

The Caradoc buying group is free to join with no membership fees and members that cannot find what they are looking for in the shop can contact one of over 100 Caradoc suppliers for further assistance.

Suppliers cover a wide range of products and services including PR (that’s us!) stationery, medical consumables, uniforms, telephony solutions, HR and employment support and much more.

To download the app on Google Play click here:

To download the app on iTunes click here

For more information about creating your own app for your business visit Six Ticks