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Bulldog Security Products locks up Canadian deal
23 Aug 2017
by Kirsty Smallman

A Shropshire company is taking steps to ensure the security of wind turbine cabling by locking up a major international deal in Canada.

Bulldog Security Products in Much Wenlock is no stranger to competing in the international arena and has now revealed how it has been asked to help with the problem of cabling theft across the Atlantic.

The growth of the Canadian wind energy programme has seen an increase in its turbine building programme but this has also resulted in an opportunity for thieves.

The deal has seen the order total reach £25,000 with a further £100,000 of orders over the next three years.

Bulldog’s managing director Ian Jordan said the firm, which has been in business for more than 30 years, already has a wealth of experience in the security industry and was now a recognised leader in the international market.

“Saudi Arabia and Dubai are just two of the countries we have been in business with and as we continue to grow the demand for our services and products both here and abroad are also on the increase,” he said.

“This Canadian deal is a big one for us and one we are extremely proud of. We also believe the increasing number of wind turbines across the UK may see a call on us to help keep items like cabling secure from thieves over here.

“We are hoping this Canadian deal will lead to more contracts at home. It is, after all,  a growing industry.

“The copper in cabling is a high-profit commodity and as the demand for turbines grows and more cabling is needed to make them work then so does the interest of the criminal – the amount of money made on the copper increases with the quantity produced.

“The Canadians realised the problem and asked us to help. We have been only too pleased to do that and are providing top-quality locks in a bid to prevent the cabling from being stolen.

“Wind energy has really taken off over there in recent years and was absolutely massive last year. Unfortunately the criminal element also saw their opportunity to a point where something needed to be done.

“Canada holds a pretty unique position in the wind energy industry and it is an amazing, and to a degree, still an untapped resource. Last year they produced enough wind power to cater for six per cent of the country’s electrical demands.

“Put another way, they provided enough energy to power three million homes for 12 months and ploughed $1.5bn into the programme.”