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Britain’s Got Talent star takes to stage for Shrewsbury panto
20 Mar 2015
by Rhea Alton

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Philip Green is no stranger to the stage but his appearance in the new production of Robin Hood and his Merry Men will see him take to the road in his first ever pantomime tour.
Playing Little John, we caught up with the impressionist at the start of the tour to find out what he was most looking forward to about life on the road and his visit to Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn on March 29.

Do you know anything about Shrewsbury, have you visited before and what are you most looking forward to when you get here?
“I’m really looking forward to visiting Shrewsbury, and performing at the theatre Severn! I love to visit new towns, and experience the local shops!”

What do you enjoy most about the part you are playing in Robin Hood?
“Playing Little John is great because I get to add an element of myself. I am constantly chopping and changing into different impressions throughout the show and being the crazy whacky character you saw on Britain’s Got Talent too.”

Without giving too much away, what do you think children and parents coming to watch the panto will enjoy most?
“Children and Parents will love the show because there is laughs per minute! The animations and cast are brilliant and it is a must see show!”

How different is panto to what you normally do and what do you love most about being on tour?
“Being a comedy actor and impressionist is fantastic. I have a huge passion for TV and film but getting a live response from an audience on a stage really does put the cherry on the top of the cake! This will be my first ever tour so I am ready to experience it to the full!”

Do you miss being at home when you’re on tour and is there any one thing you always take with you to remind you of home?
“I am excited to have a change of scenery, as I tend to work at home or in London, it will be nice to get away for a bit and experience something new.”

Is it likely that you will forget your lines at least once during the panto tour and do you have a back-up plan if this happens?
“After rehearsals forgetting lines is a thing of the past. However, when in doubt of a line if ever on stage, I tend to pull a silly face or add in another impression.”

Do you collect souvenirs from the towns you visit whilst on tour, if so what is the most unusual thing you have collected.
“When I was 10, I used to collect weird sweets that were slightly deformed and were unique. I’m always looking out for them even now! So if Shrewsbury has any, please show me where I can find them.”

What do you like to do on tour when you are not on stage performing? Do you get chance to relax, if so, how?
“My mind is always ticking. When I am not on stage or filming I love to think of new ideas or projects to get underway. That’s my form of relaxation, as lame as it sounds.”

What is your favourite pantomime or show?
“My favourite show is Saturday Night Live, which I live stream off of Youtube at ridiculous hours in the morning as it is live from America. It’s full of impressions and amazing original characters and is historically funny. I would love to be in that show!”

If you could perform in any one show what would it be?
“Saturday Night Live!”

For more information about Robin Hood and his Merry Men or to book tickets for the show click here or contact 01743 281281.