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Britain’s Got Talent golden buzzer winners entertain fans at Theatre Severn.
10 Jun 2019
by Kirsty Smallman

Jack and Tim from The Lucky Ones performed at Theatre Severn

I will admit I am a huge Britain’s Got Talent fan – yes every Saturday night of every series – and if I miss an episode I watch it on catch up. Dedicated BGT fan! (No abuse please!)
But the gig at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury on Friday night wasn’t for me (honestly!) – it was for my boys aged 8 and 9. Their first gig – what better way to do it than at their local theatre – in the small Walker Theatre so it felt very special, with their two friends where us parents didn’t have to have a second mortgage for the tickets or the merchandise!
Oh and the stars of the show standing chatting to you for as long as you wanted afterwards, signing anything you wanted, posing for photos and then the 13 year old star giving your youngest son his bracelet! Memory making or what?
So you might have guessed by now we went to see father and son duo, Jack and Tim – The Lucky Ones, who won the heart of Simon Cowell who pressed the golden buzzer for the duo to get straight through to the semi finals of last year’s series.
It seems he also signed them up to his label soon after but now they are going it alone and doing a fantastic job of it!
Jack, who has grown a bit since the show, absolutely holds his own on that stage – his presence for such a young lad was brilliant. His ability both vocally and on both of his guitars was unbelievable. But it isn’t a show where you think Dad (Tim) isn’t needed – the chemistry between them is enough to bring you to tears – love, smiles, talent and a double act like I have never seen before. They take you on their journey through their family stories and songs and they leave you feeling you want to continue with them on that journey.
They have recently returned from Sweden where they have been song writing with some big names – their album is due out and they are on their own UK tour. Pretty cool hey?
The boys and their two “girl friends” – (note the space!) loved every second – the girls got to sing with them as they were pulled out of the audience. We watched as Tim’s 94 year old Nan sang and clapped away with the crowd.
It was special to watch Jack – just 13 remember – holding that stage with his Dad and their brilliant five piece band! Jack obviously idolises his dad – they sang their first song together at 5 years old and have done hundreds of talent shows, festivals, busking and anything else since!
They have worked hard and have a whole lot more work ahead of them but I do hope in 5 years time we are seeing Jack and Tim hitting the charts and showing Simon Cowell exactly what he missed out on! Thanks for the memories Jack and Tim – one boy went to sleep with the bracelet under his pillow and the other listening to your songs on his ipod.
To find out more https://www.jackandtimmusic.com/ and to find out what is next in the Theatre Severn programme visit https://www.theatresevern.co.uk/ – if you don’t look you won’t know what’s on!