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Bayley's week at J&PR
12 Apr 2024

In March we had the pleasure of welcoming Year 10 student Bayley Hodgetts to the J&PR offices for a week of work experience. Here, she looks back on her week with us…

I remember being asked for the first time “what do you want to be when you grow up?” when I was in reception. At such a young age you never actually think you are going to grow up and have to thoroughly consider that question. And little did I know I was going to be asked that question hundreds more times in my life - by so many others and, most importantly, by myself. 

Now in Year 10, my year group has been tasked to find a work experience placement for a week in the hopes of finding our passions and answering that all-important question. 

A week in the industry

Naturally, my dreams and goals have varied over the years from wanting to be an astronaut, to footballer, to author, to lawyer, to journalist. Having this experience at J&PR has really helped me to realise what I think I want to do is really what I want to do. It has also helped me  learn how I can go about achieving it from all the amazing advice I have been given during my time here. 

I find it relieving to know sports journalism is what I want to work towards (it would be a bit crushing if I had this goal of becoming a journalist and I didn’t enjoy it!). I have heard some great stories from everyone in the office, but have also been given opportunities to write blogs on sports and receive constructive criticism in the process.

First day nerves

The morning of my first day I was swallowed by juxtaposing waves of emotion, all ranging from excitement, anxiety, wonder, and disbelief; disbelief because I couldn’t imagine I had already reached the age where I had to work at answering the question we all know by now: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

From the moment I rang the doorbell, I was greeted by smiles and friendly faces, especially Freya and Sophie who were the first people I met in the office. 

I could give a special mention to everyone such as Taffy who has been at the desk next to me and been one of the nicest people I have ever met. I will also mention Dani and Kirsty with their great advice, Rhea with her enthusiasm, and Si and Tony in the room next door who always say good morning to the office. Meeting these people has been something I’m so grateful for and so glad that I chose J&PR to do my work experience with.

Reflecting on the week

Over the week, I have worked on social media graphics on Canva, a digital platform that has taught me many skills I can take into my iMedia GCSE; creating captions for a client’s social media on Sendible; I have also been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to write blogs about a passion of mine for the company, as well as having the opportunity to sit in on a client meeting, something which taught me many things about the industry. And just when I thought there couldn’t be more they could give me to do, I was tasked with making a TikTok documenting my experience over the week, and went along to a business expo with the team. 

Overall I have loved every minute of my time here! I have soaked up every bit of knowledge in the hopes I can bring it all into my working life. 

I hear adults still talking about their work experience from many moons ago, and I feel proud that I can recount mine with gratitude and pride.

I would be lying if I said I won’t miss it here, and I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed at the week flying by so fast. 

My experience at J&PR has encouraged me to pursue my goal of becoming a sports journalist in the hopes of one day being in the pit lanes of a Formula 1 Grand Prix, or interviewing the player of the match at a football game. 

This experience has also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, to not be afraid of meeting new people (something I have now learned I absolutely love!), and to throw myself into many more work experience placements to build up my experience within the industry and to make myself a walking dictionary in the world of journalism.

So the last thing I am going to say in this blog is: thank you so much J&PR for giving me the opportunity of my first experience in the workplace, and for welcoming me into my goals for the future! When I make it big, you guys will be the first I thank!