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Arms like Alesha’s… watch this space!
29 Jun 2015
by Kirsty Smallman

When your personal trainer says “Right last week was just a short introduction, this week we’ll be doing the full workout!” it’s enough to make you break out into a sweat before you’ve even started.
I somewhat ached after my first PT session with Stuart Henderson of Ideal Fitness last week and now he tells me that was the “introduction!”
Well this week I had the moral support of my 4 year old who helped count every one of those repetitions. At one point he did ask “why are you crying Mummy?” – that son is sweat – a sign of hard work and determination. (Although I may have felt like crying!)
In Stuart’s studio at Stafford Park I ‘enjoyed’ or ‘endured’ six rounds of exercises and once again that “just one more” from Stuart ensured I succeeded.
From high knees to plank twists to reverse prisoner lunges – I did them all.
And yes of course I ached again this week but no pain, no gain in my book but this week Stuart gave me a little present to leave with – homework!
A print out of the exercise schedule to do at home twice before Friday’s session.
So tonight is the night when I attempt them at home. But it’d be unfair to leave the husband out so I’ll be putting him through his paces too – or perhaps our four year old son will be our little personal trainer!
This journey will take me from crutches following a micro fracture of the knee to my goal of pre-wedding fitness and after just two weeks of personal training I can feel the results.
With Stuart’s help with assisted stretching and his knowledge of the best ways to strengthen the weak knee – I know I’m in safe hands and will reach my goal with a fully recovered knee.
I realise to return to full fitness is not an overnight event so I’ve set myself the target to reach my goal by Christmas.
Obviously I want my arms and legs to look like those of Alesha Dixon’s as she hit the stage in Telford Town Park on Saturday but I may have to keep on dreaming on that one!
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