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Arabian Nights …and Days
04 Apr 2016
by Rebecca Dutton

As a child, my father often used to read be the Tales of Arabian Nights. I loved the idea of a story in a story in a story.

Now Shifting Sands Theatre is re-telling the Arabian Nights tales with a comic twist at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn on May 5 at 8pm.

The company has developed a reputation for creating a clown’s eye view of epic tales and Arabian Nights…and Days! promises to be both hilarious and moving.

The Sultan summons a new wife every night. Every morning he has her killed. All are powerless before him.

As the number of his victims mounts, the fear grows. Who will be next? Then Shahrazad, the daughter of the High Counsellor, demands to be his next wife. All are dumbfounded. Has she lost her senses?

Shahrazad is certainly a heroine…she is resourceful and quick witted and each night spins tale after tale, stories about love, desire, merriment and sorrow. But what will happen if she runs out of stories?
“I am delighted to be able to retell this classic”, said Artistic Director Gerry Flanagan. “It’s one of my favourites. Being able to tour the Arabian Nights is very exciting. It shows just how powerful and captivating a great story can be.”

He goes on to say: “With stories we can go anywhere. They take us beyond what we know as well as revealing what we do know… but in surprising ways. They reveal undiscovered worlds. They help us to experience magic. Stories communicate hidden things, difficult things that are hard to talk of. They remind us of what we have lost, and what we can still find.”

For tickets contact the box office on 01743 281281 or visit http://www.theatresevern.co.uk/shows/drama/arabian-nights-and-days/ and book online.

Arabian Nights...and Days

Arabian Nights …and Days