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Andy Parsons at Theatre Severn to heal Britain!
07 Oct 2019
by Rebecca Dutton

It might be Halloween but if you’re looking for a good laugh, look no further than Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn.

Comedian Andy Parsons will be performing his new tour Healing the Nation on October 31. 

His aim is to try and bring some happiness and heal some raw wounds in this divided, angry country of ours. 

Andy, who started his career writing for Weekending and went on to become one of the main writers on the ground-breaking Spitting Image satirical puppet show, wants people to come and celebrate what it means to be British in 2019.

He said: “‘It was June 24, 2016 and I found myself contemplating a supermarket meal deal.

“I only wanted a sandwich and I only needed a sandwich but given that I could get a snack and a drink for only 5p more it seemed financially irresponsible not to. I had spent so long pondering the EU Referendum result from the day before that I was now in a massive rush. 

“The lad on the till scanned the first two items no problem but the third item, he couldn’t get to scan at all. I thought: this is going to be a nightmare – there was a queue building up and he looked like he was going to call the supervisor. Then, to his credit, he tried to scan it one more time. It wouldn’t scan – so he went ‘bip’ himself and chucked it through. And it was at that moment that I thought: “Oh, we’ll be alright as a country we will.

“And we will be alright. Trust me. I’m not a politician.”

In the last year, Andy has hosted People’s Vote rallies at the Electric Ballroom, Central Hall Westminster and in Parliament Square to over 100,000 people as well as fronting Independent Age’s latest Campaign Against Loneliness.

Since being a writer on Spitting Image, Andy won the Time Out Comedy Award in 2002 and has performed stand-up all over the world. 

To date he has done five sell-out national tours and released the DVDs Britain’s Got Idiots, Gruntled, Slacktivist and Live & Unleashed – But Naturally Cautious. He was also responsible for the Slacktivist Action Group podcast, which played host to a wide range of MPs, journalists and comedians.

The performance will start at 8pm and tickets cost £17. The show is only suitable for those over 14-years-old. 

To buy tickets, visit the Theatre Severn website at https://www.theatresevern.co.uk/shows/comedy/andy-parsons/