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Allergy testing available at Frestival
23 Jan 2019
by Rebecca Dutton

A Shropshire festival specialising in raising awareness of all things free-from today announced its latest speaker.

Frestival will take place at the Greenhous West Midlands Showground on May 18 and organisers are aiming to offer information, guidance and tips on free-from lifestyles, as well as a traders village offering free-from food and products.

Ben Calder, of the Centre for Integral Health, will be talking to people about kinesiology and epigenetics and will also be doing some allergy testing at Frestival so people with any worries can find out for sure if they are allergic to any particular foods or products.

Ben has been involved in the holistic health movement for more than 25 years.

In 1999, Ben received kinesiology for issues with Allergic Rhinitis and Psoriasis with such successful outcomes he decided to retrain in kinesiology.

He has run a successful practice in Shropshire since 2003, helping many thousands of clients with allergy and diet based issues.

Ben works as an integral practitioner, highlighting the importance of understanding how body, diet, movement, state of mind and emotions, relationships and environment all contribute significantly to our state of health.

Since 2014 he has been using a functional approach to the body via Epigenetic protocols and looking at how our genetic map creates the territory for physical body to expressing health or disease and how we can manage our genetics through understanding our own genetic blueprint.

Ben also leads LifeForce Qigong and meditation sessions in his regular classes at the Centre for Integral Health, the clinic he founded in 2013 in the centre of Shrewsbury.

He said: “At Frestival, I will be talking to people about allergies, how they are developed, why people have more, what you can do about them and how epigenetics plays a role in our health and the creation of disease.

“I think events such as Frestival are so important to raise raise awareness, connect service users to systems and products that can benefit their health and to celebrate the greatness of life and food.”

Ben will also be tackling allergies at Frestival.

He said: “This is an ideal opportunity for parents who feel their children may have allergies but aren’t really sure to get them tested. I can give them some tips and advice and then, if there are any allergies, Frestival will certainly be the place to stock up on free-from products before they leave.”

Ben explained kinesiology as the use of manual muscle testing for assessment of health needs and requirements for each individual.

He said: “It follows a simple premise of testing what strengthens or weakens the body (via the muscle test and nervous system) to allow generation of health recommendations for each patient, empowering then to make greater choices for their health through deeper awareness of their needs.

“Epigenetics is the study of that which triggers or signals our genes to express both patterns for health or disease that is held on the DNA. We use epigenetic protocols from kinesiology to assess which aspects we need to address.”

By assessing the lifestyle of his patients, Ben refines and develops their lifestyle choices for a healthier and happier life.

He said: “By investigating what aspects of their lives have detrimental or beneficial effects on their health and well being, we can stimulate greater awareness of how we can care for ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally, thus leading the lives we can really enjoy, not the ones we feel we have to endure.

“Knowing how the actions we take everyday could be helping or hindering our disease or our health states gives each person informed choice on how to better care for themselves.”

To find out more, see www.bencalder.co.uk

To book tickets for Frestival, see the website at www.shropshirefrestival.co.uk