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All or Nothing hits Shrewsbury stage
25 Jul 2016
by Harriet Ernstsons-Evans

The story of The Small Faces has proved to be a sell-out sensation in London and now lucky Shrewsbury audiences will get to experience hit musical All or Nothing for themselves.

The cast will take to the stage at Theatre Severn for three performances from Monday to Wednesday, September 19 to 21, at 7.30pm.

Written by former Eastenders actress Carol Harrison, who also stars in the show, and directed by BAFTA winner Tony McHale, it tells the ‘electrifying yet bittersweet’ tale of four charismatic kids from East London who are rocketed into the big time as The Small Faces.

But they soon discover the road to success is paved with exploitation, betrayal and tragedy in this musical which features plenty of their timeless hits from Whatcha Gonna Do About It and Tin Soldier to Lazy Sunday and Itchycoo Park.

Chris Simmons, who The Bill fans will recognise as DC Mickey Webb, plays Steve Marriott and took some time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to talk to J&PR about the show.

“It’s mind blowing how well it’s been received. All the mods seem to have come out of the woodwork to watch it and the reviews have been fantastic.

“It’s great fun to do and the story is great, really tragic. It’s not sweet and saccharine like a lot of cheesy musicals.

“I’ve seen grown men cry at it as it has a very sad ending, Carol has been very truthful and not sugar coated it.”

The band has gained a new fan in Chris, who of course knew about The Small Faces before but has learned much more about them during the process, even speaking to Steve Marriott’s daughters to find out more about him.

He names Tin Soldier as his favourite song: “It grows and builds and builds and explodes at the end. It’s phenomenal.”

And how does the story of a 60s band translate in front of a 2016 audience?

“The clever thing about it is anyone can go because of the narration. You don’t have to know the little in jokes and the story because the narration explains it all.
“It’s a story about four lads who go up then come down and you go on the journey with them.

“It’s a clever device and not many shows use narrators as well. It really is just fantastic – the writing is super and it’s very funny. It’s the best bit of theatre I’ve ever been involved in.”

For more information about the show, visit www.allornothingthemusical.com or to book tickets, visitwww.theatresevern.co.uk/