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Alert over Shropshire shed raids
27 Jun 2018
by Rebecca Dutton

Ian and Yvonne Jordan from Bulldog Security Products in Much Wenlock.

A Shropshire company is warning people to toughen up their shed security following an increase in raids over recent months.

Bulldog Security Products, based in Much Wenlock, says it has seen a rise in the number of people asking for help in upgrading basic security in a bid to combat thieves who are hitting ‘soft option targets’.

Ian Jordan, Bulldog’s managing director, said sheds were being overlooked as potential targets despite housing many valuable items.

It comes after West Mercia Police recently recovered a number of items believed to be stolen during a number of shed and garage break-ins in and around Holyhead Road, Roseway and Limekiln Lane in Wellington in recent months.

“It is a sad fact that these crimes are on the increase and I would urge anyone with a garden shed to give some time and think about just how difficult it is for the thief to break-in,” he said.

“I would guess the answer in the vast majority of cases is not very difficult – amazing when you consider what is likely to be stored in there.

“They are instantly vulnerable by being outside, away from the house and garage and are usually given only the most cursory of thoughts as regards security with maybe a simple lock or bolt keeping a flimsy door shut.

“Neither of these options are going to keep the thief at bay for very long and once inside there is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of costly equipment waiting to be carted away.

“Our sheds contain lawnmowers, rotavators, garden furniture, bikes, toys and maybe even motorbikes or quad bikes. Anything and everything that can’t be fitted in the home or garage.”

Mr Jordan said people were aware of security at Christmas time when expensive presents are being hidden in various places including the garden shed but the summer months are just as lucrative for thieves.

“When it comes to locating your shed in the garden, be mindful of where you put it. 

“Make sure it is not too close to any boundary fence or hedge, making it a tempting target for the thief well within reach.

“Make sure it is within sight of the main house so you can keep tabs on it. Consider security lighting and alarming your shed, but if you don’t go that far then make sure it is secured with a strong padlock and replace hinge screws with nuts and bolts.

“When you’re installing it, ensure the shed is securely anchored to the ground and can’t be lifted up at the side or corner to gain access.

“Fasten large and bulky items together so it is difficult to carry them off and if you have a secure shed, make sure you use it. Put all your equipment away under lock and key and don’t leave things lying around the garden.

“There are a number of security options available depending on the type of shed you have. Heavy duty chains, security posts, high security locks, roller shutters, lighting and alarms.

“Bulldog Security Products have many years experience in helping and advising on every kind of security issue. Our team is ready to take your call and help you make things just a little bit more difficult for the thief.”

For more information about Bulldog Security Products visit the website www.bulldogsecure.com or telephone 01952 728171.