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Team J&PR's New Year's resolutions
20 Jan 2023
by Team J&PR

2022 was a fantastic year for us, now we’re looking forward to what 2023 has to offer and have decided to take the New Year as an inspiration to make some changes.

Here are the team's resolutions for 2023 and how we’ve been getting on with them so far…

Freya M is looking to focus on her wellness

“Like many others I neglect myself and my wellbeing far too often, so my New Year’s resolution is to take time for myself - whether that be going to the gym after work, or taking myself (and my dog, Bentley) on little adventures at the weekend.

“With a couple of adventures already in the works - including another weekend trip to Hay-on-Wye and a pencilled-in summer holiday to Palma, Mallorca - I can’t wait to make memories that will last a lifetime.“Even though the weather isn’t the nicest at the moment, being outside is so therapeutic for me so I hope to go out for some fresh air at least once a day - even if that means taking a brolly with me!

“After all, you only get one life so you might as well live it how you want to.”

Continuing with the wellness theme, Sophie is looking to continue her wellbeing practices and also save money

“My first resolution is to keep saving money to go towards a first home and potentially get on the property ladder this year. I had a couple of 'close calls' in 2022 when it came to finally buying my first place, so I'm hoping 2023 will be my year!

“In the first few weeks of 2023, I’ve saved money to go towards my first home and have even viewed two properties already. Hopefully these are all steps to finding “the one”!  

“My second resolution is to keep doing things which improve my mental and physical fitness, like cold water swimming which I fell in love with in 2022!

“This is still going well too. I’ve enjoyed cold water swims, and read a whole book in a week (stay tuned for the next book club blog to find out about that!). I’ve been making more of an effort to make my lunch from scratch, too, it’s so much better for me than something processed and I really enjoy preparing food and making it myself.”

Look out 2024, Dani is spending 2023 knitting the wardrobe of tomorrow…

“My New Year's resolution is to knit more!

“I love to do it but often don’t find the time or am too tired to concentrate on it. But I love to knit baby things for anyone I know who is expecting and gifting it to them, then seeing their little ones in it! I do a lot of that as I always seem to know a lot of people who are expecting - but I’d love to find time to knit a couple of bits for my own children and myself too. 

“It’s going well so far - I’ve already made a pair of socks this year! They were intended to be a Christmas present but that didn’t happen… the resolution has kicked in though and they’re completed and gifted.”

Freya R’s New Year’s Resolution is to build a better relationship with her tech!

“I love how social media can be used to connect with people, but I also don’t think too much of it is good for my brain. I went social media free for the first two weeks of 2023 as the first step to break old habits.

“Those two weeks are up and I didn’t miss anything other than Instagram! I’ve stayed off Snapchat, Tiktok and Facebook, and I’ll make sure I log out of Instagram so I can’t just mindlessly click onto it. I’ve been in a better mood, I’ve been more productive and my evenings have felt so much longer!

“I’ve also set screen time timers and went through and unfollowed accounts that don’t  make me feel good. Some of my favourite accounts are Good News Movement and The Happy News. Let’s hope I can break the doom scrolling cycle!”

Rhea has a number of resolutions she is keeping under her hat but did take the plunge back into running for 2023!

“I used to be a keen mud runner and have completed around seven runs, some with family and friends, some alone, some for charity, some for personal achievement and even one with the children!

“Pounding the streets of my village was one of my favourite things to do but I struggled to find the time and stopped running in early 2022… but I am back in 2023 and have started the Couch to 5k challenge with a group of friends and plan to do a mud run in April!”

Si is getting back into fitness… and crashing Rhea’s classes.

“Although not very original, my New Year's resolution is to do more exercise. I've always been relatively fit, but I'm conscious that I do less and less exercise as each year passes. I kid myself that coaching my son's under-12s football team keeps me fit, but in reality I just stand on the sidelines shouting at (encouraging) the kids running around!

“So I have vowed to join Rhea with her online exercise classes, and so far I have been doing pretty well. It's still early days but we have managed to do a good few sessions a week - which, as I keep telling myself, is definitely better than nothing!

Kirsty likes a crowd so the gym will be the place to be for her!

“2022 was a busy year of holidays and not a lot of healthy eating (we were in America!) so my resolution has to be to eat healthier and do more exercise - but without putting too much pressure on myself! 

“We lost a dear friend over Christmas so ‘the gift of time’ will be my joy this year - just stopping and thinking and slowing down and putting those special family and friends in the diary (which I am very good at already) and enjoying that time together.

“Well the week I was all ready for the gym, I got a leg injury by doing… absolutely nothing! Yes, that's the story of my life - unlucky! So the gym won’t be in the regime for at least 6 weeks and I’m frustrated already and I’m only two weeks into recovery!

“Healthy eating will be top of the list - although there’s already cake in the house due to the husband’s January birthday! Who can resist lemon drizzle?! Must try harder!”

Tony is also getting active in 2023!

“Fitness is key for me at the moment as I had to pack up racketball in the middle of last year because my knees could no longer stand the strain. Unfortunately most other forms of physical exercise pose similar problems but I have been able to clock up the miles on my exercise bike!

“It’s not the same and extremely boring but I’m sticking with it and doing ok at the moment.”

That’s a wrap for J&PR’s exciting beginning to the New Year! Who do you think will keep up?