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Team J&PR's New Year's Resolutions!
07 Jan 2022
by Team J&PR

Just like that, it’s 2022 and we’ve welcomed the New Year with plenty of style and an abundance of nibbles.

Like most, some members of Team J&PR have set themselves New Year’s resolutions for 2022, with some goals being to spend more time on a much-loved hobby and others being to make improvements to the work-life balance.

Here are our New Year’s resolutions!

Rhea’s resolution is to establish a better work-life balance, especially now we can be in our new office

She said:

“Being back together with the team and brainstorming ideas and strategies means productivity increases for me - as they say, two heads are better than one!

“My 'life' time is needed to ferry two children around to clubs and activities and to see friends...my taxi time has come!”

Meanwhile, Sophie’s resolution is to continue with her meticulous money management.

“My resolution for 2022 is to continue saving money strictly! I fell off the wagon a bit in 2021 but I’ve started to tighten those purse strings again. 

“I’m hoping to be able to buy my first home soon as well as go away in 2022 - Covid dependent - so I’ll need to save my pennies!”

Sophie isn’t the only member of the team wanting to add to their savings next year, as Freya’s also hoping to save money so she can add to her travel fund.

As Freya bought her first house in June 2021, the entirety of her original savings have gone into decorating rooms and replacing old boilers. 

She said:

“My New Year’s resolution is to restart my travel savings - as soon as the house is finally finished that is! 

“Hopefully Covid will ease enough that I can explore my way through 2022.”

Our fingers are well and truly crossed that Sophie and Freya will be able to achieve those money, house and travel goals for 2022!

Most will relate to Becci’s resolution for 2022, as she’s wanting to worry less about Covid.

“My resolution for 2022 is to try not to worry about Covid all the time, as it takes up so much time and brain space. It probably won't be easy but I am going to try not to worry about things out of my control. I should probably find some sort of tactic for that!”

Dani’s resolution for the year is simple. She’d just love to knit more. 

“I love to knit - not what everyone else my age says! - and I haven’t been able to do it half as much as I would’ve liked throughout 2021. I want to get back on it!”

As 2021 saw a number of beautifully knitted items appearing in the office, the rest of Team J&PR is selfishly hoping that Dani manages to achieve her goal. Do we see J&PR branded knitted jumpers in the future? Fingers crossed!

Kirsty’s resolution is one that she’s certain many others will have - to lose weight and get fit!

She said:

“Lockdown and lack of exercise due to injuries have been my excuses for 2021, but 2022 has got to be the year I get back to the size and shape I long for. See you in the packed gym in January!”

It’s fantastic that we’ve started 2022 driven and motivated - more so than usual if that’s even possible!