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Our 2021 highlights!
31 Dec 2021
by Team J&PR

J&PR’s monthly highlights blog has a twist this month - we’re looking back on the entire year!

2021 has been a rollercoaster for everyone, to say the least; from a national lockdown being announced just four days in, to getting vaccinated and enjoying time with loved ones.

Without further ado, here are our highlights from 2021… 

Influencing such major company growth that our client hired an in-house marketing manager? We’d say that’s worthy of making Rhea’s top spot this year.
We assisted with the recruitment and interview process and made sure they were in safe hands.

Not long after we started working with a large client in the health industry, Rhea’s PR and social media marketing became an essential part of the communications campaign and she was needed in-house weekly. 

With further growth, Freya assisted Rhea in-house and then, you guessed it, the success of the campaign meant that Rhea handed over the entire account to a full time in-house marketing manager!

Rhea said:

“Seeing how much the company grew over the last three years and working with the team to create a communications department that could continue our great work has given me huge job satisfaction.”

J&PR’s work hasn’t ended there, though! Rhea has stayed on for the company as a consultant so she still gets to check-in and offer support when needed.

Successfully navigating your business through a pandemic is definitely worthy of “Highlight of the Year” - and that’s exactly what Kirsty’s is!

Kirsty said:

“Despite being hit hard with the loss of the event management side of J&PR, we’ve been able to win new clients from across the UK and enhance our social media virtual training offer, and celebrated a record-breaking year in 2021. 

“Bring on 2022!”

This year also saw Kirsty’s husband, John, leave the automotive glazing industry, which he’d been in for 30 years, two years after selling his business; seeing him move into a new role in a new industry with a smile on his face has obviously been a personal highlight of Kirsty’s 2021!

Continuing to work with a number of long-term clients has been Simon’s highlight of the year, as well as really developing the sense that J&PR works together with our clients as a team (which is true, we do!)

Si said:

“During a year which has seen so much anxiety and uncertainty for all of us, I’ve really valued those positive working relationships with our clients more than ever.”

Outside of work, Si is quite the musician and has enjoyed getting back out and playing music in pubs across Shropshire. During the first lockdown in 2020 Si performed weekly Facebook Live gigs, but he said playing in front of people again has been a real joy and hopes we are able to continue throughout 2022!

If it was up to Sophie she’d probably give ten different highlights for this year, but she’s decided that working with pub chain Greene King’s Chef & Brewer has taken the top spot, specifically working on the opening of the Riverside Inn in Cound.

Sophie said:

“Working with Greene King really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I loved every second of it!”

Starting to unapologetically do the things she loves has been Sophie’s personal highlight this year. 

She’s not sure many 22-year-olds would define “fun” as visiting National Trust sites, looking after more than 30 houseplants and reading book after book but Sophie loves doing it, and has decided to no longer feel ashamed of that!

Starting at J&PR as our Digital Assistant is Freya’s professional highlight of 2021.

She said:

“I’ve loved having the opportunity to expand my skill set such as improving my blog writing skills, creating promotional videos for the first time and making branded content for a wide range of clients!”

2021 saw another big change for Freya, as she bought her first house with her partner! She moved 33 miles from Oswestry to the beautiful World Heritage Site of Ironbridge and said:

“If you’d have told me at the start of the year that I’d be putting all my savings into a semi-detached in Ironbridge, I would have thought you were joking.

“It’s starting to come together and I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished since we got the keys in June!”

We’re so proud of you too, Freya!

This year, Tony’s loved the ongoing variety that comes with working with clients across a range of sectors.

There’s never a dull moment at J&PR and Tony is loving learning new things all the time!

Surviving Covid has been Tony’s personal highlight this year (and should probably be everyone's!), as well as paying off the mortgage for his house and seeing his grandchildren learn, develop and actually enjoy going to school. 

After living abroad for so long, Becci’s professional highlight this year has been physically feeling part of the team again. 

She said:

“It’s been wonderful to get to know everyone and be in an office again.

“I’ve really enjoyed taking on new clients and seeing their stories in the news, especially arranging lots of interviews with regional radio stations. 

“I have also learned much more about social media trends and the digital world.”

Personally, Becci has loved watching her children flourish at their school and make lots of friends, some of whom Becci says will be friends for life. Her children have also taken to rugby and Becci says joining the Whitchurch Rugby Club is one of the best things they’ve ever done!

The Dutton family also had a wonderful holiday to the Lake District, which Becci said could have easily been abroad as the weather was glorious. The family enjoyed lots of stunning walks and swam in the lakes every day - how lovely!

Dani has loved spending this year getting to grips with new clients and expanding what she does for our PR and digital client Jesmonite.

She said:

“Talking to people all over the world on behalf of Jesmonite has been incredible. I’ve talked to them at different times of the day or night to accommodate time differences, and getting an insight into their work settings over Zoom has been amazing.

“Not to mention, seeing what these people are doing with Jesmomite and the success of Jesmonite as a company. I feel like it’s a real privilege to be a very small part of that.”

Outside of the office Dani has loved being able to spoil the people she loves in different kinds of ways.

She said:

“It’s been a tough old year (again) as my family all live in different parts of England and Wales, so at times we haven’t been able to see them as much as I would have hoped.

“While we’ve made the most of it when we can, at other times I’ve spent far too much money sending friends and family brownies in the post via Wellington-based Cheryl’s Cake Boutique, bought people vouchers for massages at places near where they live, sent flowers and also made a ridiculous number of personalised cards and letters with children’s handprints just to brighten people’s days.

“A little effort has really helped make a lot of people smile and feel more connected, which has been great.”

Needless to say, everyone needs a friend like Dani and needs to be a friend like Dani. 

What a year 2021 has been for us all. We’re so excited to see what 2022 has in store for J&PR!

Stay safe and enjoy a rest over the festive break if you can.

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