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The brief

The Shropshire Autism Service was set up in 2019 in response to feedback about existing services for people with autism; children and adults were not able to access reliable assessments in a timely manner, nor were they able to access specialist interventions.

Dr Lisa Williams, a consultant clinical psychologist, was looking for a PR company to announce the opening of the service in the local press and assist to share her advice and thoughts, as well as raise the profile of the service, on social platforms.

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The solution

We worked with Dr Williams to produce a press release for the new service, which received a high amount of coverage in the media, and organised radio interviews to allow her to share her knowledge and advice on autism and assessments.

The team planned out a schedule for a new Facebook page, including the use of video, and managed that platform, always working with Dr Williams on what she was looking to promote and share.

J&PR also set up a LinkedIn presence for Dr Williams and attended wider marketing meetings when looking at the expansion of the service and scripting website copy.

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The impact

Since its launch in June 2019 the service has gone from strength to strength and both children and adults from across the Midlands have travelled to Shropshire to access care.

As a result the Shropshire Autism Service marked its one year anniversary by becoming The Autism Service and expanding its clinics across the Midlands and the North West. Starting out in a small room at a gym, the service moved to a room at a GP surgery before moving into a suite of offices and consultation rooms in June 2020.

A radio interview led to the introduction of Dr Williams to a private healthcare company looking to launch an autism assessment centre within Shropshire and with Dr Williams’ involvement work has now begin to transform the former Hollies council building in Shrewsbury into a head office and centre that will not only provide a bespoke area for assessments but also a hub for Autism charities and organisations, training sessions and more.

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What our clients say


I have ideas… just not the time to action them in a strategic way. This is how J&PR has its impact. Rhea listens to me and organises my thinking into a schedule, and this schedule raises our profile and influences people’s behaviour.

Without this, our momentum would slow. It’s that simple.

It’s a partnership and Rhea is now part of the core team at The Autism Service. She says ‘no’ to me sometimes – this comes from confidence and experience and makes me not want to expand the business without her!

And business aside, J&PR's input also means that families have improved access to free specialist information and advice.

Dr. Lisa Williams

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