Five reasons why your business shouldn’t ignore social media

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Five reasons why your business shouldn’t ignore social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with many other social media platforms are a big part of everyday life – and they influence our decisions in almost every way.


Companies are channeling the power of social media to build closer relationships with their customers both new and existing. In order to reap the full potential of social media consistency and planning are key.

Whether you choose to embrace it or not there is no escaping it, and if you want to have an impact on your customer base then you need to have an active social presence. So below are five reasons why your business shouldn’t avoid it.


As a business you must to strive to become an authoritative figure in your industry. People want to see you as a solution to their problems. Having the in-depth knowledge of the market place backed with experience means you have the ability to control your posts. By creating a social media schedule you’re able to make sure that everything shared is of benefit to your audience.This comes in the form of blog posts and helpful links which go to the relevant parts of your website.


People want to put their trust in a business, one they can rely on. Once they do they’re more likely to listen to any advice that you share. Your experience is paramount and as such it can have a great influence on peoples purchase decisions. If you have a blog on your website then this is the ideal platform to write keyword rich content which can be shared via your social media channels. In turn your followers will grow from those people who want to know more.


Having active social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter means that at any stage your customers can get in touch with you. This is now the go to method of communication, and soon the contact form could become obsolete. People are comfortable contacting via social media as its what they’re used to, and more often than not they use it as the preferred method of communication with friends and family. If your ideal target audience is between 25-35 then this could be a great way to build that close relationship.


Customers who have a good experience with your business will tell others, and now that everyone is connected socially it makes their job far easier. On Facebook for example, people are able to tag your business page into their posts, meaning that everyone else will see it and be able to click on your page. Of course it can work both ways, and negative reviews will always get just as much traction. However, being connected via social media means that you’ll be able to respond quickly.


The amount of time people are spending on social media is staggering, and its the perfect audience to capture new business. Marketing budgets are more manageable and much more realistic. Social media is also responsible for driving additional traffic to your website. The more you engage with your followers the more they will come to understand your brand and place trust in it. So forget traditional advertising for now, social media is where it’s at!

If you want to learn more about how social media can benefit your business then speak to us for a chat at J&PR.

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