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I’m a marketing manager – would an external PR agency work with me?

There are never enough hours in a day when you work in marketing, as it’s such a huge role and often there’s only a handful of people (or just one) person in the team. That’s why we work with marketing managers at leading businesses across Shropshire, either remotely or in-house, to ensure their PR and social media strategy is effective. With us, you get the expertise of the whole team combined, so it’s like having a whole new office of staff working with you.

Can you teach me to do my own PR and social media?

A: Yes. We offer a two-hour one-to-one PR and social media training session for just £149 plus VAT. Learn to create a PR plan, write your first press release, use whichever social media platform will work best for your organisation or learn all about blogs – because it’s an individual session, it can be tailored around whatever YOU need to know.

Does J&PR offer maternity leave cover?

We’re often approached to cover sick leave or maternity/paternity leave and are happy to work with your business on a short-term basis if that’s what you need. Recently, we worked with the Severn Hospice marketing team in the three months between their old marketing manager leaving and the new person being appointed.

We want to organise an event – can you help?

If our business had a middle name, it would be ‘events’. You can often find our team writing press releases, updating blogs and Facebooking/tweeting about the big events coming up in Shropshire and beyond. Promoting your event is key to its success – so bringing us on board to devise your social media and PR strategy from the early stages can help drive up ticket sales, boost sponsorship and ensure everyone has a great time!

We need a press officer at our event – is this something you provide?

If you’ve been to an event in Shropshire over the past few years, chances are you’ll have seen at least one member of J&PR right at the heart of the action armed with a walkie talkie and a notepad and pen. We love the behind the scenes PR work which goes into the daily running of a company and the lead-up to events, but we also thrive on being a part of the big day too. See the events section of this website for more on what we can offer!

Do you offer PR services for charities/not for profit organisations?

We know voluntary organisations work on very tight budgets so we offer our one-to-one mentoring at a reduce fee of £99 plus VAT (instead of £149 plus VAT) for charities.

As part of our business development we are trying to train our sales team to be more PR savvy. Do you offer in-house training?

Yes, we’re able to offer a range of training to suit your business. Because what you’ll need will be individual to you, it’s best to have a chat with one of the J&PR team about the options.

Do you only offer PR services for specific industries?

No, we offer our services to all industries as we have lots of experience across a broad range of sectors.

We need crisis management assistance – can J&PR help?

All of our retained PR contracts include crisis management services. However, we can also offer crisis management on an ad hoc basis as we understand you never know when you might need help.

Do you offer a photography and videography service?

We like to stick to what we do best and look after your PR and social media, so when it comes to photos and filming we ask an expert in the form of our photographer Ed Bagnall. He offers photography for websites, PR, marketing material and filming for testimonials, staff profiles, social media, case studies and more.

We’re only a small business, why do we need PR?

You’ve almost answered your own question there! Small businesses only become big businesses by shouting about what they offer. Everyone has to start somewhere but we bet you have dreams about where you could be in the future – those dreams are much easier to achieve if you have a dedicated company who’s ‘got your back’ and will shout on your behalf to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

What makes you different?

There are plenty of PR firms out there who can offer to write you a press release or look after your social media. When you begin a partnership with J&PR, you’ll be working with an account director and an account manager who have direct experience of the journalism world. It means when we draft a release, we know the journalist reading it will be able to use it in the form we sent it in. It means we know how to get to the heart of an issue, how to engage readers and how to spot a story in an instant.

How do you measure success?

Ultimately the aim is to ensure customers not only get to hear about your services, but also want to use them based on the PR and social media they see and hear. However, if you want something specific from us – such as an increase in Facebook likes or response rates, improved SEO ratings or a focus on a specific part of your business – that’s something we can write into your tailored PR plan.

I’d like to work with J&PR, what happens next?

Firstly, you’ll need to get in touch with us – call, email, Facebook, Twitter, however you prefer. Then we can put together a proposal based on your company’s needs – you’ll have the chance to sit down with one of our account directors and find out more about what we offer, while we simultaneously learn all there is to know about your business too. You’ll be assigned an account manager who will be your direct contact throughout your time with us (alongside your director who will keep a check whether you’re happy with everything). And hopefully that’ll be the start of a fantastic partnership!