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When it comes to marketing your business online having a strong digital PR strategy will help you to create a better level of engagement with your audience.

Likewise, an active presence on social media is vital for raising brand awareness and driving traffic to your website. With more people using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram they are able to build strong relationships with new and existing customers.

Social channels give you the landscape to showcase your products and services, share content in the form of blogs, visual images and live video – all of which help to grow and improve your business.

A well crafted social media strategy and blog plan will give you a clear sense of direction, meaning you’ll be better organised and have a greater understanding of your goals and objectives

  • We are experienced in managing PR at events of all sizes
  • We are happy to be on the ground, liaising directly between organisers and the media
  • Our skills as former journalists make us the perfect choice as an event PR team
  • We have extensive knowledge of the region and traders, exhibitors and organisers
  • Our coverage record is second to none online, on radio, in print and beyond