Festive family fun at Theatre Severn

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Every year Theatre Severn gives us so many opportunities to get the family together and mark Christmas with a show! And as well as the hugely popular annual pantomime (you can already buy tickets for next year’s Aladdin!!) we also get a smaller scale Christmas-themed production in the Walker Theatre - which in 2018 was Santa’s Elves and the Shoemaker.

Review – Hairspray at Theatre Severn

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You can't stop the beat in Shropshire as Get Your Wigle On present a high energy version of the Broadway musical Hairspray at Theatre Severn this week. A crowd full of support for the local actors, singers and musicians enjoyed a bold and fun opening night last night - which ended with a dance for all the audience. Robyn Marsh

Santa’s New Sleigh – Theatre Severn

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Christmas is coming and Theatre Severn has an extra treat in store for families with Santa’s New Sleigh showing in the run-up to the big day. It’s a smaller scale production than Cinderella, the panto which is drawing the crowds over the festive season, but the Walker Theatre offers a more intimate occasion with fantastic audience participation. Dibs and Sprocket

The best yet… Cinderella at the Theatre Severn

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Every year I say it and the following year I am proved wrong! Shrewsbury Theatre Severn’s panto always seems to be the best it possibly could be but Evolution Pantomimes owned by Dawley boy Paul Hendy and his wife Emily and producer and director Brad Fitt have done it again! A wonderful, talented, totally jaw dropping production of Cinderella. I

Shropshire car garage comes alive to the sound of music

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The workshop of a Shropshire car garage seems an unusual venue for a classical music concert. But the guests to the Bridgnorth Sinfonia performance at David Dexters in Bridgnorth did not seem to mind at all! The orchestra performed a range of music from the classic to the more modern, for which they welcomed singer Andy James to join them. More

Is your a Granny Gangsta?

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Nobody can help but smile when your son - grinning with his two front teeth missing - runs out of the theatre and into the arms of his nanny and asks “do you do naked yoga nanny?” Yes we’d been to Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury and watched the hilarious production of David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty

Peppa Pig brings birthday smiles

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By Rebecca Dutton We’ve been singing the theme tune to Peppa Pig ever since we got home! My little boy, who turned four today (Thurs) and I had a fantastic time at Peppa Pig’s Surprise at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn. I nearly cried watching his face as he sat spell bound by what was happening on stage. He joined in all

Review: Avenue Q at Theatre Severn

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To be in a musical you have to be a fantastic actor and an excellent singer. But to be in Avenue Q you also have to be a brilliant puppeteer. And the whole cast at Theatre Severn last night were all three. I kept wondering whether I should be looking at the humans or the puppets - truth is, it